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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Panna cotta (cooked cream)

Panna cotta is a literal translation for cooked cream, and that is literally what this desert is. A simple unctuous combination of vanilla and cream. This recipe is the result of many months of trials and tribulations. My goal, trying to get the panna cotta to consist of the same wobbly yet firm texture of my belly. Maybe my belly has a little more wobble after all the panna cotta testings? I have experimented with various creams, different sugar and gelatin amounts. The cream 'panna' in Italy has a rather watery consistency unlike the thickened creams available in Australia. If you follow this simple recipe precisely you will achieve a perfect 'Kara belly wobble' style panna cotta, just the way it should be. The spoon just glides through the delicate wobbly mound. Don't be tempted to add various berries, nuts or sauces to it. I feel that they detract from the simple silken beauty and gorgeous aroma and flavour of the vanilla bean.

What you need:
600g organic light pouring cream (yes, I used light)
150g sugar
one vanilla pod
two gelatin sheets 

How to make:
1: Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for about five minutes
2: Cut vanilla bean down centre and scrape out vanilla 
3: Heat cream, sugar and vanilla pod with scarped out vanilla. Heat over a low heat, do not bring to the boil
4: Just before boiling point add the gelatin and stir until dissolved
5: Strain and pour mixture in cup moulds, allow to set in the fridge for at least 4-6 hours. Do not use plastic moulds, ceramic or metal is preferred
6: One at a time place moulds into hot water for a few seconds allowing the cream to slightly melt and come away from the mould. Do not leave in the hot water for too long as the cream will melt and run over the place, keep your eye on it. Once it has slightly come away from the edge turn out on serving plate
7: I simply decorated with rosemary leaves
Gelatin sheets soaked in water
I ordered my gelatin sheets from this web-site:

Plate featured in photographs made my me

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  1. Kara, this is perhaps your most beautiful post yet. Your descriptions of the 'belly' are fantastic! You have done an honor to this dessert.