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Monday, December 9, 2013

Liquore al mandarino- mandarine liquor

There is that old saying "when life throws you lemons, make limoncello". Well life has been throwing me plenty of lemons lately, probably enough to make a whole life time supply of limoncello. However, my very kind friend recently gifted me with a very large amount of these beautiful mandarin's (a friend that obviously understands my appreciation for produce). Every winter in Italy I am always pleased to see these shiny, colourful, orange balls highlighting the grime winter streets with their dark green waxy leaves. I love the perfume they expel as you walk past as they are displayed in ample abundance. This is a very easy recipe to make, a great way to preserve excess and a great idea for Christmas stockings! It's wonderful to enjoy the fruits of your labour throughout the year. Serve over ice after dinner as a digestive.
What you need (this makes about two litres):
About twenty mandarin skins
one litre of 90% alcohol 
one litre of water
600 grams of sugar
How to make:
1: Add the sugar and water to a large pan and bring to the boil, once the liquid boils reduce to a simmer for ten minuets. Take off the heat and allow the liquid to cool
2: Add the alcohol to the mix (I used vodka)
3: Place the mandarin skins in sterilised bottles, then pour in the alcohol mix. Seal
4: Place in a dark place for roughly a month
5: Once ready, strain the liquid into desired bottles. Keep in the fridge ready to serve 
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