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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Limoncello (lemon liquor)

When life throws you lemons, make limoncello! What better way to preserve lemons which happen to be in abundance at the moment. After little preparation and patience, limoncello will reward you throughout the year. A lemon liquor typically from the South of Italy. On my first visit to Sorrento on the Amalfi coast many years ago I vividly remember lemon trees almost touching the train as we  approached our destination, you could smell the zest in the air. Then actually arriving and seeing vibrantly coloured yellow bottles being sold on the streets. I used to drink grappa as an after dinner 'digestivo', but after my trip to Sorrento limoncello is now definitely preferred. I have been making it ever since. Last year in Italy I made about five litres of limoncello, the aniticpation for it to finally be ready was tense. 
Last September, some Italian friends had planned a weekend away and I was to meet my ride a short distance from my house. With excitement about the weekend and in sharing my produce with all, I laden myself up with my overnight bags and set off for my lift. As I was approaching my ride, a large bottle of limoncello came flying out of my bag and shattered all over the pedestrian bridge. In true Italian style, this was quite the spectacle as all gathered around to help and sweep away the glass. Everyone was truly devastated to learn that it was homemade limoncello, a true travesty. Then proceeded to delight in the fresh lemon aroma as it was being vapourised from hitting the hot asphalt. 
Limoncello, the perfect way to end an Italian dinner and help digest a heavy meal. Keep glasses in the freezer, ready to serve.
What you need:
750mls 90 proof vodka
8-10 lemons
one cup of water
3/4 cup of sugar
How to make:
1: Remove the skins of lemons, do not to include the pith. Place the lemon skins in a jar large enough to include skins and vodka (about one litre capacity). It is beneficial to use a jar with a compressed flip lid with large opening. Pour in vodka, seal and place in a dark cool place for two weeks
2: Drain the liquid through a fine sieve, pour liquid in a bottle.  Make sugar syrup by putting the sugar and water in a small saucepan and bring to the boil. Allow to cool, then add to the lemon vodka in bottle. Again, allow to sit in a dark, cool place for two weeks
3: Transfer to fridge and serve with liquor glasses straight from the freezer
NOTE: You can add more or less water or sugar depending on your taste. I like my limoncello not too sweet, this is a good recipe for a tart limoncello

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