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Sharing authentic Italian recipes entrusted upon me through the privilege of being invited into many Italian homes and kitchen’s abroad. I travel, cook, eat, share, learn and photograph my experiences, a truly soul enriching journey. There are now over 100 recipes on this blog to search from. I am a Melbourne born girl who now resides in Pietrasanta, Italy. Sharing my love for food and all things Italian with you. I am not a professionally trained chef, just a person that really loves cooking and has made my passion my reality! Through talent and drive I now work as a private chef in some of the most prestigious private villa`s here in Tuscany, Italy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Zuppa di fagioli (bean soup)

I wanted to make this soup after watching a popular Australian television cooking show, where they labelled mixing a can of baked beans with milk as "Tuscan soup".  The purpose was to show the audience how easy it is to cook simply with ingredients available in the pantry. This is also my purpose, however encouraging a healthier and definitely more authentic way of cooking a "Tuscan soup". Tuscany is most famous for a vegetable soup called ribollita, which I have previously written about. Tusan's are renowned for their love of beans, particularly the cannellini bean. It too, is one of my favourites.
This  soup is so easy to make, I have used canned cannellini beans for the purpose of making this exercise as quick and easy as possible. However, usually I would soak the beans overnight. Just a few simply steps and you have a creamy, flavourful soup that is packed with nutrition (particularly good for fertility organs).
Cut some stale bread, drizzle with olive oil and bake in the oven for some home made croutons to finish!
What you need:
two 400g cans organic cannellini beans
one red onion
two small potatoes
two cloves of garlic
a few sprigs of fresh thyme 
1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
salt and cracked black pepper
home- made croutons optional
How to make:
1: Finely chop onion and add to a large pan with olive oil. Add a little salt and cook until onion is tender. Add chopped garlic, and cook for a minute. Add the cannellini beans and potato.
2: Add enough water, just enough to cover the beans. About 2 1/2 cups. Add thyme, cover and cook for about 30 minutes. Cook until the potatoes have softened.
3: Use a blender to mix into a smooth consistency or as desired.
4: Top with a drizzle of olive oil, pepper and croutons. 
5: To make croutons, simply remove crust of a dense loaf of bread, cut into small square and place on a well oiled oven tray. Coat lightly in oil, place in a 180 degree oven for about 15 minutes or until browned.


  1. Hi Kara, we have finally made a gmail account after many attempts to post comments on your beautiful and fabulous blog. I follow by email. You have a beautiful presentation. Your recpie for pasta fagoile is great-- it makes me want to take out my pots and pans and COOK!

  2. Wow, thank-you Christine and welcome to Buona Domenica. Thank-you for your positive support, I really appreciate it. I am glad that people are returning to their pots and pans and getting back in the kitchen after being inspired by something I love to do! I hope I can continue to inspire you.
    Thank-you again,