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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ravioli di pere e fromaggio (Pear and cheese ravioli)

This was the first "primi" I ordered in Florence and one I will remember for many years.  It really is such a delicate combination of flavours, but also rich.  The contrast of the rich cream filling married with the slight sweetness from the pear then the crunch from the walnuts is heavenly.  This dish is only served in Florence but I am not able to trace the history.  I have made this many times for my Italian's living in various regions who have been curious and impressed by the complexity of flavours.  I was also introduced to this variety of ravioli when I was buying fresh pasta from a small shop in Florence, and the man insisted I try them.  As I was buying them for a Sunday lunch the man wished me a good Sunday "Buona Domenica".

What you will need:
For the "pasta" dough
6 cups of unbleached organic flour tipo 000
6 eggs

For the filling:
2 medium pears, ripe but firm
3/4 cup pecorino romano cheese, freshly grated
500g marscopone (or ricotta cheese)
Salt and pepper

For the sauce:
10 freshly cracked walnuts
125g butter
1 smashed garlic glove
Fresh cracked black pepper

To garnish:
Extra grated pecorino romano cheese
10-15 sage leaves
How to make:
1:  Make the pasta dough as described in "how to make pasta" recipe
2:  Mix all of the ingredients for the filling together.  Before adding the pears to the mixture drain away  any excess juice.
3:  Using a teaspoon place the mixture about 5 cm apart on one sheet of dough.  Use some milk to wet the pasta and place another sheet of dough on top to cover.  Press down firmly to ensure there are no air pockets. 
4:  Use a ravioli cutter to create ravioli, about 2 cm by 2 cm in size.  To prevent the ravioli from sticking together lightly dust with flour and place aside.
5:  Once all of the ravioli have been assembled place in a large pot of boil water with salt and oil and cook for approximately 8-10 minutes (depending on how thick you made the pasta)
5:  For the sauce simply place the walnuts in a fry pan and lightly toast, then add butter and smashed garlic and pepper
6:  Fry the sage leaves in a separate pan until they are really crispy for garnishing
7:  Place the cooked ravioli in a bowl and cover with butter sauce, cheese and sage leaves
Buon Apetito

This is a list of two restaurants in Florence that I have enjoyed Pear Ravioli:
Osteria Santo Spirito,
Piazza Santo Spirito 16r
Firenze, Italia
PH: 055 238 2383

Quarto de Leoni
Via de'Vellutini, 1-red
Firenze, Italia
PH: 055 218 562

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  1. Loved the way this turned out! Just be warned though, if you make your pasta very thin like I did, they cook significantly faster... like 30 to 60 seconds fast!