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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pomodori secchi di Toscana (dried tomatoes)

Sun dried tomatoes are typically made in the south of Italy and generally I make a Sicilian version adding anchovies and capers to the preserve.  Since I am currently living in Tuscany and I was able to buy five kilo's of cherry tomatoes 'pomodorini' from the local market, I decided to make them "Tuscan style".  The colour and flavour of these little gems is so bold and sweet.  We are currently heading into winter so there is a lack of sunshine in which the tomatoes traditionally need to be dried under, so I have opted to use the oven.  This recipe is so simple and easy and the end result is truly remarkable.  The preserved tomatoes will last approximately three months and is a great snack served with crusty bread or typically this is served with meat in Tuscany.
What you need:
2 kilo's of tomatoes (bright and red)
Fresh parsley
2 bulbs of garlic
Extra virgin Italian olive oil
How to make:
1: Cut the tomatoes in half and evenly place them on a well salted baking tray.  Cover the tomatoes with a good amount of salt (this will help dry out the tomatoes)
2:  Place in the oven at 120 degrees for approximately 40minutes-1 hour 
3:  Place a layer of tomatoes in sterilized jars, add gloves of garlic and parley.  Repeat process until jars are filled and top with olive oil.  Seal the jars and store in a dark cool place.  It is best to let the flavour absorb for at least a month.
Buon Apetito

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