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Monday, January 9, 2012

Insalata di pomodori da Nonna Guastella (tomato salad from Grandma Guastella)

Love and marriage....tomatoes and Italy!!!  A freshly picked tomato from a sun ripened vine is an explosion of pure pleasure.  I personally love eating fresh tomatoes sliced with a drizzling of olive oil and cracked salt on crusty bread.  You can see tomatoes being grown from the north to the south, on cliff faces, in the  mountains and even out windowsills in cities around Italy.  This recipe requires the use of homegrown or organic tomatoes as they hold much more flavour.  It is also best that the tomatoes are ripe and are served at room temperature.  I received this recipe  from the beautiful Guastella family, this salad is made with love by their Nonna (Grandmother).  Use some fresh bread to soak up the left over tomato juices remaining in the bowl.
What you need:
10 medium to large tomatoes
one baby onion finely sliced
two organic garlic gloves crushed and finely chopped
3/4 cup Italian extra virgin olive oil
large handful of fresh basil leaves torn
freshly cracked salt and pepper
How to make:
1: Mix the oil and garlic together in a cup and set aside (the longer it sits the more intense the flavour)
2: Roughly dice the tomatoes to the desired size and place in a serving bowl, add the very finely chopped onion and stir through.  Season well with salt and pepper
3: When you are ready to serve, pour the oil over the tomatoes. Then tear the basil leaves and carefully toss through.  It is optional to serve with a little balsamic vinegar  
The beautiful Guastella girls!!!!
Buon apetito

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