“A tavola non si invecchia”. - Italian proverb (At the table with good friends and family you do not become old).

Sharing authentic Italian recipes entrusted upon me through the privilege of being invited into many Italian homes and kitchen’s abroad. I travel, cook, eat, share, learn and photograph my experiences, a truly soul enriching journey. There are now over 100 recipes on this blog to search from. I am a Melbourne born girl who now resides in Pietrasanta, Italy. Sharing my love for food and all things Italian with you. I am not a professionally trained chef, just a person that really loves cooking and has made my passion my reality! Through talent and drive I now work as a private chef in some of the most prestigious private villa`s here in Tuscany, Italy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

corsi di cucina privati- private cooking lessons

Pizza, pasta, bread are all Italian stables. Ever wondered how to make them?? Willing to roll your sleeves up and get get your hands working?? Then this is the cooking course for you.
Spend four hours with a well renowned cook, the best way to learn is with private lessons. The class is designed for a maximum of four people, perfect for a small group of friends, a couple or if you simply want to learn one on one!!
You will learn how to make home made pizza dough, schiacciata (a Tuscan bread), and how to make homemade pasta.

The fruits of your labour will be rewarded by sitting down to an elegant table, and dining with the food you have just prepared. This course also includes wine, desert and coffee.....of course, we are in Italy!!!! 
To start the day off, there will be a welcome drink and some finger food.

The course is taught by an Australian woman, Kara Mallia that has been living in Viareggio for over 2 1/2 years. Kara is an enthusiastic, bright character that is passionate about Italian food and will make your experience memorable. She has had many years of experience with Italian cuisine and is a professional photographer and food blogger.

Viareggio is a lovely seaside town, set on the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the provence of Lucca. It is an easy 1.40 hour minute train ride from Florence, and 25 minuets from Pisa. There are many local attractions to see, including the famous sunset!

The cost is 79 euro per person (2 or more people, maximum 4 people)
100 euro for a private class (one on one)
As the course if taught at home (with a view of the sea, only 20 metres away), the course times are flexible.
Please write to karam1220@gmail.com for further information

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