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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pici cacio e pepe (pasta with cheese and pepper)

I recently had the pleasure of eating this dish in a trattoria in Siena.  The trattoria was filled with local Italian's eating this perfectly spiced and creamy pasta (of course I had to try it).  When I asked the all too friendly owner how to make it, it became apparent that this is the perfect example of "less is more".   You will be surprised that the velvety consistency of this dish does not require cream.  "Pici" is a type of pasta much thicker than regular spaghetti and it regional to Siena.  "Cacio e pepe", translates to cheese and pepper however is regional to Rome.  For this recipe I purchased the pasta from Siena, however it is possible to make fresh.   This is pasta  should be enjoyed on a cold day with a glass of red wine, just as I did.

What you need:
500g Pici (enough for about 6 people)
200g Pecorino Cheese
Freshly ground pepper

How to make:
1:  Boil the pasta in a large well salted pot of water (according to the instructions on the pasta).  Roughly 20 minuets.
2:  When the pasta is cooked, reserve 2-3 laddles of water from the pot.  Strain the pasta.
3:  Put the pasta back in the empty pot and add the laddles of water back to the pan off the heat and stir (this is the secret to making a creamy sauce).
4:  Stir through the pecorino cheese.
5: Freshly crack a good amount of cracked pepper and stir

Buon Apetito!

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  1. This is the exact dish I was looking for while recently in Italy... turns out it was right under my nose while I was visiting Siena! Doh!!